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I finally got the Famiclone I've wanted for a few months: the Yobo FC GAME CONSOLE! I love famiclones so much. I plan on starting a real collection when I get more money, but alas, I'm poor right now. My tax refund helped me out with this one, which was only 30 bucks. It's hard to find clones at anytime other than Christmas and for 60 bucks because the people selling them think they're tricking you into buying something AWESOME!!!!!11! I'm not fooled though, but I have shelled out 60 bucks for one. Anyway, onto the pictures!

Click on any of these to view them bigger.

Pictures of the very AWESOME!!!1!! box. Notice that FC GAME CONSOLE has 'GOOD QUALITY SAME AS CD GAME LEVEL' as well as 'EASY BUTTONS OPERATION'. I'm already in love.

The back and sides of the box, if you're a dumb dumb.

The console itsself. It's a real featherweight. I'm not too keen on opening my consoles, but if I ever do, I'll take pictures. Generally clones only have three boards in them: one for the controllers, one for the game and one for the power. I don't know why the NES has so many parts when this only has these three and works just fine.

The power and reset buttons both work beautifully and the power button lights up this extremely pretty blue when it's on. It's very soothing, seriously. I may sleep with it on.

The power (9V, just like most clones and the NES itsself) and the AV out. It made me squee to see the Chinese writing. I don't know any foreign languages, but the more foreign the clone, the more I like it. Squee!

Very standard clone controller port.

The controllers are a very nice size and shape, but also very light. I was actually impressed that all the buttons are in the right order. The D-pad is raised some and works perfectly if you have a game where you have to swivel it in a circle (you know what I mean...). It has a slow button, and when it's on the light next to it blinks blue (I think, I forgot to get a good look at it). If you've never delt with a slow button on a controller, pretty much it's just turbo start. It'll keep pausing and unpausing the game (if that's what start does in the game). AA and BB are just turbo A and B and they work very well.

It did not come with a light gun though, but that's fine because I have another clone that came with a gun. I'll share pictures of that later in the post.

This is the part I'm excited about. 72-pin to 60-pin converter. The console itsself has a 60-pin connection in it (for Famicom games). I've always wanted a converter.

Nintendo games go in this end (it's a really sung fit, in the connector and putting the connetor in the system).

This end goes in the clone. Notice the cute, rounded edges. I don't know why NES games are so large and boxy when Famicom games are so petit and cute. :3

The box the converter came in. Nothing too special.

The instructions that came in the converter box. The English really wasn't too bad.

The game does in fact need to go on backwards. I tried the other way, it doesn't work. It is a really snug fit though. I don't recommend putting the converter in the console and then putting on the game. Put it on the game first.

Finally the game in the console. It's a little wobbly, but the connections themselves are solid (because they're all so tight).

The games play very well, but I think there may be a slight problem with sprites. They can normally get cut off, but I don't think it refreshes fast enough to correct it or something. Nothing major. Only something someone picky like me would notice. :3 And don't mind my dusty TV.

I also have another clone, but I don't have the box to it anymore.

His name is Super Joystick TV Game, or SUPER JOY III for short. As you can see, it's in a N64 controller-like shell. It's a 75,000 in 1, which is actually about 25 games repeated over and over. Here's the game list, according to Wikipedia, which may be incomplete:

10 Yard Fight
Aladdin III
Antarctic Adventure (listed as "ANTARCTIC")
Arkanoid (listed as "ARKONOID")
Balloon Fight
Binary Land (listed as "BINARY & LAND")
Bird Week
Bomberman (listed as "BOMBERMAN")
Burger Time Listed as BURGER TIME, but this ROM is definitely not Burger Time.
Circus Charlie (also listed as "TOY STORY" and "CIRCUS CHABLIF")
Clay Shoot (listed as "CLAY SHOOTING") was actually part of Duck Hunt.
Clu Clu Land
Devil World
Dig Dug
Door Door
Donkey Kong, Jr. (listed as "DONKEY KONG 2" and "MONKEY")
Donkey Kong, Jr. Math (listed as "CALCULATOR")
Duck Hunt
Elevator Action
F1 Race
Field Combat (listed as "COMBAT")
Five Chess
Formation Z
Front Line
Galaga (as "GALAZA")
Hogan's Alley
Ice Climbers
Karateka (listed as "Tekken")
Lode Runner (listed as "LODE RUNNER 2")
Lunar Pool (listed as "LUNAR BALL")
Magic Jewelry
Mario Bros.
Mappy (listed incorrectly as "PACMAN")
Mighty Bomb Jack
Milk & Nuts
Ninja I
Paint Roller (listed as "Brush Roll" and "Paint")
Road Fighter
Sky Destroyer
Space Invaders (listed as "SPACE ET")
Spartan X (listed as "SPARTANX," more commonly known as "Kung Fu Master")
Star Force
Star Gate
Super Arabian (listed as "ARABIAN")
Super Dynamix
Super Mario Bros.
Tag Team Match M.U.S.C.L.E. (listed as "WWF")
Tank M 1990 (listed multiple times, as both "DESERT TANK" and "SPEED TANK")
Tetris (Tengen game) (as "Tetris 2")
Twin Bee
Urban Champion
Warpman (listed incorrectly as "Burgertime")
Wild Gunman
World Soccer
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (listed as "King of Fighter")

I paid 60 bucks for him at Christmas because I really wanted it. The console itsself acts as the first player controller. The A and B buttons are in the right order (and where the C buttons usually are, but placed badly) and the ones above them are turbo. The D-pad is very hard to press. Select and Start are where A and B usually are and are also correct. The start button is now a reset button that brings you back to the game menu. The analog joystick does not move.

The underside of SUPER JOY III. It has a 60 pin connector, but I don't think it works at all. I tried sticking the converter in it and tried playing an NES game, but it just booted to the game menu instead of loading the game. The place where the memory pack goes holds a battery pack. You can put 4 AAs in there and run it off that, but I don't know why you would want to, since it has to be plugged into a TV anyway.

The connetions. Very normal, and again, the standard controller port for the other controller or the light gun.

The second player controller is shaped like a Sega Genesis controller. The D-pad is also hard to press, the start button is actually select and there is no start button. A B and C are actually A B and A and the ones above are turbo. The D-pad has a place where you could screw in this little joystick piece, but I never used it and lost it.

THIS LIGHT GUN IS AMAZING. The click is so satisfying, if you're crazy like me. Pretty much, if you aim it in the general direction of the screen, you'll hit whatever it is you're suposed to hit. Don't get me wrong, you do need to aim a bit, but not much. I just love the fact that it's a hand gun. Makes me feel like a bad ass.

I didn't feel like hooking it up to take pictures of the screen, but it's decent. It has a lot of games that have title screens removed for saving space on the ROM and probably to avoid getting in trouble. Who knows.

And thats the Yobo FC GAME CONSOLE and SUPER JOY III!!!!1! Please don't gank my pictures or anything. I'm not about to watermark them. If you'd like to use them for something, just let me know so I can see it.

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